Us have bright future - George

George told BBC Radio Cambridgeshire: "We need to know whether there is any interest in investing in this club and that's what this statement is about.

"Long-term this club has a really bright future, but we must navigate our way through the short-term on the best financial footing possible."

The U's have been running at a loss in recent seasons, but have remained financially stable thanks to the backing of chairman Paul Barry and director Adrian Hanauer.

However falling attendances at the Abbey Stadium and the increasing cost of funding football in the Blue Square Bet Premier have forced a re-evaluation.

If the right offer comes along, that is one way to cover the shortfall and we did that with Chris Holroyd last season

Cambridge United director Jez George

"There has been a drop through the turnstiles," said George. "Income hasn't been as high as we hoped it would be and there's obviously going to be a financial shortfall at the end of the season.

"The directors aren't able to take this forward long-term and get the club into a prime position to challenge for the Football League."

George has said the club are in no immediate financial difficultly, but costs need to be cut given the shortfall in gate receipts.

"Wages make up a large proportions of our costs," he said, "particularly the wages of the playing staff, so there might have to be some trimming back in other areas.

"But we won't be selling players on the cheap. There's no fire sale and there's no crisis. We're not desperate to sell.

"Having said that if the right offer comes along then that is one way to cover the shortfall and we did that with Chris Holroyd last season."

Despite their apparent difficulties, George has called on fans to remain positive about the future of the U's.

He believes forming a community trust to run the club could prove a viable options.

"We've been working hard to develop local young players so it almost fits nicely that perhaps there is a way forward where the fans can get involved with running this club," he added.

"We need somebody not just with the right finance, but with the right intentions as well."

Source: BBC Sport